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Vaporizers for sale are really nothing new, but the types and selections in the past few years have absolutely exploded.   A  pot vaporizer is now considered to be the “healthy” way to smoke cannabis, medically-prescribed of course.  A vaporizer, in essence, is a device used to extract the active ingredients in whatever you happen to be smoking – herbal incense, medical marijuana, whatever.  What the vaporizer does is eliminate, or get rid of, the harmful toxic by-products that you receive by smoking materials through other means such as rolling papers, pipes or bongs – by-products such as tar and high levels of noxious gases.  There are many different kinds of vaporizers out there, and the best vaporizer really depends on the person and their goals.

There are so many places to buy a vaporizer online that your head is probably already spinning, some good and some really, really bad.  In my research, I’ve found some of both.  Finding the best deals online isn’t just about the best prices, because if your product never arrives or if it arrives and it’s crap, it’s a waste either way.  There are, however, some online suppliers that have it all together and that’s magic.

But wait, you’ve come to the “About” page to learn ‘about’ me…. just who’s website/blog is this, anyway?  My name is JT and I am just another average consumer (and obvious vaporizer tester and lover) who became frustrated with some of the misinformation, and lack of info, out there and the online retail scams.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and set up a site with some good reviews to cut through the garbage. I am confident that the information on this site will help you to do the same.


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